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123 HP Envy 7158 printer device offers wide variety of printing functions for its users. Get them installed with appropriate services for specific tasks to enjoy high-quality printing and mobility that the device offers through 123.hp.com/envy7158 wireless.

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The entire description of the HP printers and the functions regarding the printer device installation and the functions that it offers the users is what our service section provides. To get the printer functional things on your own, make use of the services available to you.

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123 HP Envy 7158 Printer Features

HP Envy 7158 printer device features includes print, scan, copy, fax and mobile printing to decrease the usual time delay in connecting the device through wired or typical USB setup. It comprises all in one features and desired connection type can be used.


Print feature is the basic feature which a printer device holds. The print setup of this printer model is easy to carry out which provide high quality outputs irrespective of connection type.


Scanning of documents or photos in 123 hp setup 7158 printer device results with an exact copy of the original documents with the technology it has embedded for faster and effective scanning.


Copy is a traditional way of making an exact duplicate of an original document placed on the scanner bed which the HP Envy 7158 does so great with amazing output.


123 HP printer device is assigned with a dedicated fax number by which a user can send and receive important documents through secured way of transmission.

USB Setup

USB setup is a typical mode of connecting 123.hp.com/setup 7158 printer device and the computer which is performed right after the system prompt during the driver software installation.

Wireless Setup

Wireless setup in 123 HP printer device brings out the complete mobility in printing any documents irrespective of the distance which uses the network or the Wi-Fi direct to perform the services.

123 HP Envy 7158 Printer setup

123 HP printer device is a crafted printing console of complete printing solution which makes the users stuff completed at a faster rate and can be setup easily and independently without a secondary support which brings hardships.


  • The time you get the printer device on your hands, acquire the console out from the package with all its plastic and tapes completely eliminated.
  • Ensure the first time printer setup is carried out clearly using the guides presented and the printer device has to locate in the region of power supply for easy power connection.

Power cord:

  • Get the power cord cable from the printer box which is provided for the power connection between 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer device and power socket by HP.
  • When you connect the power cord to the rear port, ensure you connect it directly without any connectors in the middle and also check the amount of power supplied by the source for the printer’s all-around performance.

Ink cartridge and paper load:

  • The ink cartridges are installed by placing the cartridges into the respective slots of printer device carriage section.
  • Complete the installation gently and move to the paper input tray section to load the blank papers to carry out the print setup for without which the document printing is not possible.

Driver installation:

  • After performing the above mentioned process, the driver software is installed which is a mandatory process during the first time 123 hp setup
  • Perform 123 hp envy7158 driver installation and choose the desired mode of connection to act the printer functions.
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123 HP Envy 7158 Driver Install

Driver installation is a process done during the 123 hp printer setup to interface the printer device and the computer you use to easily manage the device and to experience the full feature of the console.

123 HP Envy 7158 Driver installation for Windows
  • The printer driver software installation is started off by switching the printer device with the basic setup works performed.
  • Move to the official website to download the suitable driver software for your HP Envy 7158 printer device if you cannot find the 123 hp driver software CD that comes with your device box contents.
  • Check the ports for the power cord connection to the electrical source. Also, inspect whether you have connected any USB or Ethernet cable between the device and the system.
  • Complete the download of software on your Windows and access the respective source folder to launch the installation with the complete following of installer guides.
  • Perform the prompts of system part by part and at the conclusion stage, the installer requests you to connect your printer and computer through USB to identify the device connected.
  • Only the complete tagging of the guides will lead to the successful installation of software and the device. After the installation, try printing a document to check the device performance.
123 HP Envy 7158 Driver Installation for Mac
  • Once you start off the setup, the printer driver software has to be obtained from 123.hp.com/setup 7158 printer contents package.
  • The pack comes with the software CD to perform the installation or else the software file can be downloaded from the official website of HP.
  • On your MAC’s apple menu, move to the system preferences to add your printer device. Carry out the installation of software on your system with devices out from Ethernet or USB cable connection.
  • Tag along with the installation guides as the system request for the desired mode of connection which has to be chosen with apt cable connection to interface the printer and the system.
  • Connect the cable and select the connection type as USB with the relevant connections to your MAC as it’s the basic printer setup functionalities.
  • Wind up the 123 hp driver installation successful using the directives provided and at the last try printing a document or photo from your MAC device to test the device and driver performance.

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123.hp.com/envy7158 driver install support

123 HP Envy 7158 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup of HP Envy 7158 printer device comprises the usual printing tasks which are prepared and organized over the wireless network or wireless direct services. This makes the user to connect the devices with the printer easily and let you perform stuffs with mobility.

123 HP Envy 7158 Wireless Setup for Windows
  • Inspect 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer setup for absolute power cord connections and other mode of connection performed within the devices.
  • Using the assist of internet, move to the official website to find the printer software which is an essential part in the wireless setup.
  • After finding the perfect software for your printer model and the system configuration, hit the download button. Complete the installation of software on your Windows computer by using the installer wizard onscreen advices.
  • The installation of printer software has to make with wireless connection as your mode of connection at the lateral stages of process. Also ensure, the installation is insisted after the removal of USB or Ethernet cable between the devices.
  • Printer device is built with onboard envy 7158 wireless settings which have to be dealt for the manual connection of network through wireless setup wizard.
  • Connect the wireless network which your router device provides with the printer device and then print a document or photo from your Windows through wireless.
123 HP Envy 7158 Wireless Setup for Mac
  • Check the power cord connections between the HP Envy 7158 printer device and electrical source to have an uninterrupted power supply during the function.
  • Obtain a router for the 123 hp wireless setup with their network name and network password noted down for the later uses during network connection.
  • Connect your printer and computer to the same network which your router device provides. Then, go to the device control panel settings for the connection of printer and network using the wireless setup wizard.
  • The wireless setup wizard provides the network name list from which your network name with appropriate passphrase has to be selected to make the connections with the network.
  • After performing the network connection, opt for the printer software which must be installed by downloading it from 123.hp.com/setup 7158. Ensure the compatible properties of the device and launch the installation.
  • During the installation, the system will prompt for the desired connection type. Choose wireless as the connection mode and verify the device performance.

123 HP Envy 7158 Wireless Mobile Printing

Wireless mobile printing is the method of connecting the mobile devices and the printer through available services which requires you to install plug-in and applications to manage the print jobs.


Airprint is the wireless printing technique which connects the apple devices and the printer console through the enabling of Airprint setup.


Cloud print attribute sets up the base for the mobility printing in your device by registering the device on cloud print services and allowing you to access cloud.

123.hp.com/envy7158 wireless mobile printing


ePrint is a printing utility in the HP Envy 7158 printer device which needs the web services to be turned on to send the print jobs over printer’s email ID.

Mopria Print

The third party service plug-in for the mobile printing assistance is what the Mopria printing fetches the HP printer users. Install application and print from mobile.

123 HP Envy 7158 Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are the printing reservoir which is provided by the HP with the device. Get the cartridges out and season them for the installation on your device using the guides which are clearly explained in the cartridge section.

123 HP Envy 7158 Installation of Ink Cartridges
  • New ink cartridges are available in the HP Envy 7158 printer device box when you get the device for the first time printer setup. Obtain them and go for the installation on your 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer device.
  • After acquiring the ink cartridges, remove the tapes and protective strips on the plate to place them on the respective slots o cartridge access section.
  • By lifting the cartridge access door of the printer device, get into that section and place the insert the cartridges in the relevant slots by holding only the sides of the objects.
  • The tabs at the bottom of the cartridges must be squeezed and present it with the head for the first time setup. Lowe the cover and install the cartridges gently using the guides provided.
  • Once a cartridge is installed, all other cartridges for different color types shall be installed on your device using the similar process involving additional works on the setup.
  • After the cartridge installation close the access door and complete the setup with the device powered ON.
123 HP Envy 7158 Replacement of Ink Cartridges
  • To replace the ink cartridges on your 123.hp.com/setup envy7158 printer device, switch it ON by holding the power button and moving into the cartridge section to remove the already installed cartridges.
  • The indulging of cartridge access section must be gentle as the device tends to produce noise and movements when the carriage is moved to get rid of cartridges.
  • At the time of carriage movement, press the cartridges installed in the slots and slide them out from the position to place over new cartridges.
  • The freshly packed new cartridges are obtained from the printer box which must be geared up for the insertion. Take out from the package and remove its protective tapes and tabs present near the nozzle.
  • Place the new cartridge over the slot and press it completely until the cartridge is completely clicked into its position.
  • For the installation of other new cartridges, same procedure shall be followed and at the end close the cartridge access door.
123 HP Envy 7158 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the passage for the confused printer users who are struck by the issues during the printer setup or during the time of printer functioning.

123 HP Envy 7158 Leakage of Ink while printing
  • The first thing you have to do is printing a document using a different ink cartridge and see if it helps in overcoming the ink cartridge issue.
  • If you issue persists, get the cartridges placed on a clean surface and also obtain a clean swab that allows the fiber to settle.
  • The usage of the refilled ink cartridge may cause the leakage issues which can be cleared by removing the spilled ink and covering it using the electrical tapes or other types.
  • In case the issue persists after trying all these above-mentioned tips, open up the scanner lid and let the printer move to the center of the carriage.
  • Unplug the device from the power cord and restart 123.hp.com/setup 7158 printer device after the cartridges reinstalled in a perfect manner.
  • A sponge is poked and the ink leakage is cleaned which is occurred at the interior of the printer device.
123 HP Envy 7158 Paper Mismatch Error
  • Navigate to the paper print settings of the printer device and adjust the paper size settings. And then, evaluate the paper size that you wish to print from 123 hp setup envy 7158 printer device.
  • Move to the paper input tray and remove the entire blank paper set from the input tray. Then stock up the papers appropriately with accurate paper width
  • Reset of printer settings may resolves the probable hardware issues present within the paper input environment.
  • For a instant, the printer’s power cord must be disengaged and reconnected back again to turn ON the device power with necessary power supply.
  • Automatically the device will start. If the start up of the device doesn’t happen, leave the device to have a warm up functioning to get back its normal state.
  • If the print 123 hp setup driver software is not updated to the latest version, update it and restart the computer. Vary the paper settings properly and perform the print jobs with firmware updated.
Unable to retrieve Printer During Installation
  • Sever connections of the power supply from the printer device and turn off the device. The running programs on your computer device must be completely removed to make the system optimized for easy detection during the setup.
  • Reconnect the cables back into the respective ports and wait for the internet activity light which displays the connection made with the network.
  • 123 hp driver download is carried out for the reinstallation after examining the software installed on your computer device.
  • Test out the wireless network obtained from your Router. Make sure the acquired network is sufficient for the printer device with suitable bandwidth of frequency.
  • Only from the trustable source the network has to be connected, change the connection type if the connection is made from the host or guest sources.
  • System firewall might have bunged the printer-network connection, disable the network and carry out the setup.
  • Try setting up the network manually through wireless setup wizard available in the device front panel screen.
123 HP Envy 7158 Scan Quality Issues
  • The first thing is that you have to confirm whether the issue is not printing related and completely the scanner mechanism is the major cause of issue.
  • Cleaning of the scanner bed should be performed to remove the smudges, finger prints and dirt present on the bed which causes the lines and color bands while scanning a document. Using a lint free cloth, clean the scanner bed with glass cleaner.
  • In case you faced the issue while scanning through document feeder, turn off the device and clean the plastic and strips present in the document feeder with a soft cloth.
  • Debris like paper bits and other plastics must be removed and reconnect the cables to turn on the device for the scanning of documents. Reload the document into the scanner bed. Ensure the original document is clean and free of tears.
  • Resetting 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer device can clear the probable scanner issues with the calibration With the printing console turned disengage the power cords to provide a power reset.
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