123 HP Envy 7158 Printer Setup

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123.hp.com/setup 7158 Printer setup is the striking alignment for the exemplary range of access through which the users can adopt the successful progress with quality printing that brings a way for soothing approach.

  • 123 HP Envy 7158 printer setup is the spectacular all-in-one efficient printer setup that tempts the users to get through the features basically with print, scan, and copy respectively. It enables the users to participate successfully on their desired documents by their preferred way of rich quality format through simple and soothing stage of approach.
  • This eventually provides a widened consoling podium with single-stop process on driver setup, wireless setup and other software installation within a short span that drives the users to adopt user-friendly. This makes a predominant support for the quality and easy printing when it is connected with HP Printer setup.
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HP Envy 7158 Unboxing Printer

Follow these steps for the successful unboxing:

  • Initially, remove your 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer module from packages by peeling out the wrappers and other blue tapes respectively.
  • Try to concentrate much on complete removal of packages including the corners and other tray gap for the efficient access on your printer setup.
  • While removing the printer setup, be more conscious on copper bottom and meanwhile on the paper feeding tray, to stay away from the damages.
  • After the complete removal, focus much on ink cartridge tray by proficient assembling of printer in turn to get the trouble-free printing on your printer setup.
  • Further, ensure with the successful setup with reference to the provided manuals and other instructions along the printer setup box.
  • Mean while, after the complete setup, reach out with proper printer driver setup for the connected printer module using 123 hp driver.
  • Finally, with the help of quality ink cartridge on installation. Now, make necessary connections for the sufficient process on your HP Printers on connection.

Connect Power Cord to HP Envy 7158 Printer

Steps to be done for the effective power conncetion

  • Initially, after the required arrangements on your HP Envy 7158 printer setup, get through the power and other connectivity to proceed with adequate functioning on printing.
  • Now, choose the optimum range of power connection for the efficient access on your 123.hp.com/setup 7158 Printer setup in turn to extend with predominant access.
  • Further connect your connecting wire ends to the power cord and other main supply with the required facilities for the case of obtaining steady flow of operation.
  • Connect your HP Envy 7158 printer setup and other connecting devices to the strong range of network.
  • After the prompt connection for the purpose of acquiring improvised mechanism on proceeding through simple and comfortable process on your HP Printer setup by 123 hp setup.
  • Try to get connected with same type of network for the effortless capable access with respect to the connected printer and other connecting devices respectively.

123 HP Envy 7158 ink Cartridges Installation

123 HP envy 7158 ink cartridges is the innovative color-splashy feature setup and essential access on printing process with the preferred choice of users with the providence of HP Printer color palette for the selection on your HP Printer Setup.

Follow these essential steps for the successful color printing by ink cartridge installation:

  • Initially, un-box your HP Envy 7158 printer setup by peeling out the wrappers and other blue tapes for the completion of initial setup.
  • After the process of complete assemblance of printer, move with power connection with respect to the ample range along the power cords and main supply respectively and meanwhile on strong network
  • Before getting into 123 hp envy 7158 ink cartridge installation, make a prompt choice of colors to be used for the printing process.
  • On the other hand, open the ink cartridge door firmly for the successful installation of selected color ink cartridge into the provided slot.
  • Now, gently open the ink cartridge door downwards and insert the ink cartridge into the given section of slot.
  • While inserting the ink cartridge stay awake on tight placing without the leakage issues, for the case of obtaining successful installation of ink cartridge.
  • In the case of any noise is defected during the ink cartridge installation, wait awhile and try to start the process slowly.
  • Stay wide-eye, while placing the selected ink cartridge for the purpose of not getting touch with the copper bottom.
  • After the flourishing installation of ink cartridge, close the ink cartridge door firmly without making any other disturbance to the other elements on connection.
  • Now, the ink cartridge is installed perfectly with the choice of users and within the comfortable zone of access for the users to print colorfully with the support of 123.hp.com/setup 7158 HP Printers on connection.

123 HP Envy 7158 Load Paper into the Input Tray

Paper feeding is the essential access for the users can get the steady process by providing trouble-free mechanism on feeding on the provided tray with the help of HP Printer setup on connection, in turn to attain rich-quality printing.

Load Plain Paper
  • Before getting into the mechanism of printing on your HP Envy 7158 printer setup, ensure your system is located on flat surface.
  • Now, get fix with the required size of paper with respect to the A4 and other legal size paper respectively with the proper feeding of papers.
  • Further, uplift the input tray and grasp the handle and lift out the input tray out for the paper feeding and that way start printing effortlessly.
  • Now, extend the paper width guides as long as possible with reference to the paper size to be used.
  • Latch the input tray to the right and front of the tray outside for the efficient paper loading process.
  • By tapping the bundle of required paper for the safe and successful paper insertion on your 123.hp.com/setup 7158 Printer.
  • Now, go with the options on the printer setup through simple paper format through first time paper lading formats.
  • Finally, the paper is feeded into the provided input tray with the proper formats  to get the high efficiency on printing on plain paper into the slot.
Load envelopes
  • Load envelope is same as the loading paper procedures, which brings high comfort to the users in turn by extending through small setup.
  • Now, with the help of paper extender and other position enhancing features through paper size width adjustments.
  • Now, slightly pull out the extender to the maximum in turn to attain the required size of the paper on function through feeding tray on your 123 hp setup 7158 Printer setup through simple adjustments.
  • Further, connect to the middle part of the paper tray feeder by placing the envelope in the desired position.
  • Pick out the envelopes one by one and place it to the middle of the feeding tray by print side down and meanwhile make sure the flaps facing upward.
  • After the successful placing of an envelope to the provided slot, try to pull completely until it snaps to the fixed position into the slot.
  • Now, the envelope is promptly fixed to the printer setup by a simple mechanism for the massive production of quality printing through HP Printers on a connection.
Load Cards or Photo Paper
  • Initially, make sure the connected 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer setup is placed on the even surface before getting into the printer setup using 123 hp setup.
  • Now, pull out the paper feeding tray towards yourself for extending the width of the tray for placing the load cards or photo paper into the provided tray.
  • Further, while pulling out the tray, stay calm on handling for the safe and secured installation of load cards and photo papers.
  • Use the width guides for the purpose of extending the size and handling through smooth extender, without any harsh approach to it.
  • Now, the existing paper which is loading before must be cleared out immediately for the placing of load cards to the middle part of the tray.
  • While placing the load cards, provide them by inserting the printing side facing downwards and short edge forward.
  • After sliding the paper width guides, load cards must be rested against the paper edges respectively for the successful functionality.
Print a Test Document or Photo

Print a test document or photo is the sort of confirmation regarding the performance of 123.hp.com/setup envy7158 printer devices and the driver installation with respect to any installation process on your HP Printer setup.

  • Initially, before getting into the HP Printer setup using 123 hp setup for the test document process. Now, check the requirements on the printer setup for the proficient function.
  • Now, check to the desired driver setup installation with respect to the printer module using 123.hp.com/envy7158 driver.
  • On the other hand, move with the wireless connectivity with reference to the driver installation try to operate further by connecting to USB
  • After scrutinizing the driver setup using 123 hp setup driver, drag yourself with selection of test document or photo for your connected windows or Mac system.
  • For the purpose of getting the selected document or photos to the print, replace the blank paper on the paper tray by photo papers in the middle of the paper feeding tray slot.
  • Now, for the case of getting the required change on the selected printing document by opening on your system.
  • After opening the required document or photo, move with paper editing by correcting its layouts and other required formats for the process of printing to the choice of users.
  • With the reference to the selection of document or photos from your system, move to the file option and further on printing option to get the desired data printed with 123.hp.com/setup 7158 Printer on connection.
  • Now, using the print option, click to the print option and further confirm it for the successful print the test document for the best level.